Hi, I'm Loolwa Khazzoom, a public relations manager for wellness practitioners and visionaries with positive impact. I offer a holistic approach to media, marketing, and PR and can help you become a nationally-recognized expert.


Mainstream media exposure is critical. It provides invaluable endorsement, leads to prestigious speaking engagements and lucrative book deals, opens the door to relationships with industry VIPs, and otherwise establishes you as an expert. I have placed clients in, written for, and been featured in top media outlets. Here are samples of my work.
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Drug-Free Remedies for Chronic Pain

This cover story for AARP magazine explores complementary and alternative medicine for natural pain relief — including movement-based therapies such as yoga; mind-body medicine such as guided imagery; nutritional and herbal remedies such as Omega-3 supplements; energy healing such as tai chi; physical manipulation such as massage; and lifestyle changes...
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Heck on Wheels

This Washington Post story offers my first-person account of a three-month stint in a wheelchair, including a cross-country book tour. Through this journey and article, I learned about and shared some of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs affecting millions of Americans with disabilities, who struggle with accessibility issues day-in and day-out. ...
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Miri Ben-Ari Takes Hip-Hop Violin to the Top

You don’t expect to find a totally instrumental, violin-dominated single in the Top Twenty on Billboard’s Hot Singles chart. But “Symphony of Brotherhood,” the new single from Miri Ben-Ari (a.k.a. the Hip-Hop Violinist), is just that. This article catches up with Ben-Ari during a transitional moment in her career. ...
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Can a 60-year-old drug cure obesity?

With more than 300 million obese people in the world, it’s no surprise that prescription weight-loss drugs alone are a $600 million market, or that those drugs rarely work well. But an Israeli physician may have stumbled on a pill that treats obesity without side effects. This article explores the back story and financial implications of this discovery. ...
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Expats return aids Israel biotech

Israel’s influx of repatriates from around the world brings elite international experience to Israeli biotech, turning the industry into an alluring foreign investment. This article gets behind the scenes with leading Israeli biotech companies and investigates the financial impact new leadership is making on the global biotech marketplace. ...
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Leading the Charge for the Morning-After Pill

Though the Food and Drug Administration’s official rejection stated that the morning-after pill had not been tested on enough girls under 16, reproductive-rights organizations and activists — including Annie Tummino of Middleborough, MA — assert that the real reason the FDA rejected over-the-counter status was pressure from the Bush administration....
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Loolwa Khazzoom is a public relations manager specializing in holistic media, holistic marketing, holistic public relations, and holistic promotions. Her services include branding and messaging development, image and communications management, website content development and optimization, social media management, traditional media campaign management, book development, and in-house writing and editing.


Loolwa's magic with words and presentation has enhanced my expression in my writing- creating successful impact articles. Loolwa is a clear and effective strategist, making the hard work of publicity pay off beyond expectations, and what’s more, she makes the process fun! Loolwa teaches as she works, and I have learned a lot from our process – leaving me feeling as if I studied marketing at the university level. Loolwa has been a wonderful publicist for me and a joy to know.

Suna Senman
Life Transformation Facilitator