I am a public relations manager for wellness practitioners and visionaries with positive social impact. I offer my clients the benefit of 25 years of specialization in holistic media, holistic marketing, and holistic public relations work, as well as the wisdom gained through my own ground-breaking work in the fields of holistic health, multicultural education, violence prevention, and creative arts.

Over the course of my eclectic career – as an activist, educator, multimedia artist, journalist, and holistic health coach, as well as a public relations manager, I have worked with top international media including The New York Times, Doctor Oz, Rolling Stone, BBC News, Marie Claire, CNN, The Washington Post, Fox News, Seventeen, AARP, Yoga Journal, Oxygen, ABC News, Parents, Self, and more. I have placed clients in, written for, and/or been featured in these outlets, giving me a unique 360° knowledge of how the media industry works.

In addition, wearing my various hats, I have worked with and/or have facilitated my clients working with the likes of holistic health leaders such as Andrew Weil, MD, Joseph Mercola, DO, Otis Brawley, MD, Martin Rossman, MD, and Christine Horner, MD and celebrities including award-winning talk show host Montel Williams, New York Times bestselling author and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, NBA star player Brian Grant, award-winning actress and holistic health advocate Suzanne Somers, and supermodel Tyra Banks.

I have published two books on the subject of women’s empowerment: The Flying Camel – Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage and Consequence – Beyond Resisting Rape, both of which have been taught throughout the Ivy League and at universities across the country. In addition, I have lectured widely about my cutting-edge work, at top institutions spanning from Barnard Center for Research on Women and Harvard University on the East Coast to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Skirball Cultural Center on the West Coast.

I self-healed from multiple chronic health issues, through a combination of dance, nutrition, and mental discipline, and I am the founder of the Dancing with Pain® method of natural pain relief, which informal clinical trials indicate has a 96% rate of efficacy. I am personally devoted to a healthy lifestyle – including an all-organic, primarily raw vegan diet (replete with fresh vegetable juices from my Norwalk Press); daily exercise  including biking, hiking, swimming, and dancing; and various forms of mind-body medicine – including art, music, writing, and meditation. For my holistic health clients, I offer a been-there-done-that understanding of even the most esoteric concepts of self-healing – enabling us to jump straight into our holistic promotions work, without the need for preliminary explanations.

To find out more about how I can support your work with my own, visit the services page, and to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit the contact page.



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Loolwa KhazzoomLoolwa Khazzoom has worked with leading media outlets, including The New York Times, CNN, Rolling Stone, and ABC News. In addition, she has published two books and has lectured at prestigious venues including Barnard Center for Research on Women, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Harvard University. Loolwa is passionate about health, music, dance, multiculturalism, and Judaism.

Holistic Media, Marketing, PR

Loolwa Khazzoom is a a public relations manager specializing in holistic media, holistic marketing, holistic public relations, and holistic promotions. Her services include branding and messaging development, image and communications management, website content development and optimization, social media management, traditional media campaign management, book development, and in-house writing and editing.

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