Battering Ram

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • Songs

You work your holidays
Like a battering ram
Coming at me from all angles
At all times
Invading my senses
My streets my screens my stores
My home
Sending the message
Loud and clear
That none of this is mine ours
That we are but guests
In your castle
Which you claim
We own and control
As you relegate us
To the sidelines
The shadows
Force feeding us
Your public relations rat poison
Until we’ve developed
An appetite for it
And consume it voraciously
In the hopes it will turn us into you
Which you encourage
Fanning the flames of self hatred
Knowing it will keep you
In the throne
Because nothing controles the masses
Like psychological manipulation
Which keeps any power in check
I feel sick and enraged
Watching from the sidelines
Grateful I can see through this circus
Yet isolated by and condemned for my vision
Which I wish others shared
Fearing for my safety
When I speak up
Knowing that smiling Santa Claus
Is armed with a dagger
In his back pocket

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