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by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 14, 2016 • Writing and Editing Tips

For those of you in the healthcare field, which is most of you who follow me, it is essential to facilitate a sense of trust for your work. While someone may try out a new pizza joint she saw advertised in the local paper, she’s unlikely to find her doctor or bodyworker by looking in a newspaper and clipping out an ad. So how do you get the word out there about your healthcare services, in a way that establishes you as a safe, reliable, and all-around groovy practitioner?

Become the media.

When you write health articles for reputable magazines and newspapers, you accomplish several things at once: First, you reach a wide audience, anywhere from locally to internationally. Second, you receive third party validation – the more prominent the media, the more powerful the validation. Third, you have the golden opportunity to develop relationships with VIPs in your field – leading to even more third party validation.

Back in 2009, for example, when I was focused on my Dancing with Pain® work, I wrote a cover story on natural pain relief, for AARP magazine.  The article reached tens of millions of people, and the editors chose my article as one of their top three favorite articles on alternative medicine. Through this and similar articles that I wrote, the Dancing with Pain® website became the #1 organic Google search entry (unpaid, no ads) on “natural pain relief” – beating out, (a New York Times company), and more.

In addition, I connected with VIPs in chronic pain management (who doesn’t want to be in a cover story for AARP magazine?), and these initial conversations turned into important professional relationships that last through today. Ultimately, as a result of these measures, I became a recognized expert in chronic pain (despite my only degree being a BA in political science, albeit from the illustrious Barnard College) – leading to even more media, in outlets including ABC News, Fox News, and even the Johnson & Johnson health channel. Who knew a pharmaceutical company would want to promote natural pain relief?!

For more tips on how to become the media, check out my blog post about alternatives to advertising in the media. For customized support on getting into the media – whether you seek consulting or coaching services, writing or editing services, or public relations management – drop me a note or give me a call.

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