Big Thoughts

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • Songs

Sometimes people with
The biggest thoughts
Are the ones with
The quietest voices
Or the voices
So big and bold
That nobody
Can hear them

You look to
Public recognition
To evaluate
the contribution
Someone makes to this world
But often
It’s the worms
Who dig the holes
And it’s the children
Who plant the seeds
That make
Everything grow

I sit quietly
On my couch
With the revolutionary ideas
In my mind
Knowing the limitations
Of expressing them publicly
And knowing
The work involved
In putting them
Into motion

After years of
Getting beaten down
While you took my ideas
And ran with them
Claiming them as your own
I’m not so eager and willing
As I once was
And ironically
That makes you respect me more
Because I’m contributing less

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