Building Blocks of a Successful Media, Marketing, and PR Campaign

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 9, 2012 • Writing and Editing Tips

In treating you for medical complaints, a holistically-oriented doctor will evaluate and work to optimize every aspect of your life. She will ask about your nutritional intake, exercise habits, and sleeping schedule. She will see if you’re under too much pressure at work or if there is a strain on your relationships at home. Once she has your baseline, she will work with you to improve each aspect of your life, knowing that one feeds into and supports the other.

While there is no guarantee that you’ll be running marathons if you score well on the gamut of lifestyle habits, you have a much higher chance of being healthy than if you score poorly. Think of it this way: If you are exercising regularly but eating junk food and sleeping infrequently, chances are you will remain in poor health.

Similarly, a successful media and marketing campaign involves a multi-layered strategy, looking at and optimizing the “health” of your business on different levels – your brand, messaging, target audience, online presence, multimedia products and services, professional network, speaking engagements, media interviews, and so on. Each of these elements either contributes to and supports, or detracts from and undermines the other. For example, if you are not clear on your brand, chances are that, in a chain reaction…

  1. You will not properly identify your target audience.
  2. Your messaging will be off.
  3. Your online presence will not attract the right people.
  4. Your marketing efforts will be ineffective.

Taking all the right steps to optimize each element of your business does not guarantee that you’ll be the next Andrew Weil or Deepak Chopra, but it does greatly increases your odds of achieving your goals.

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