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Quiet Connection

June 11, 2016 Leave a Comment
The quiet connection Russian doll style We are connected To each other To the circle of friends To the community To the people Concentric circles One linked to the other One linked to all Sometimes I have experienced This whole Being nirvana And felt such contentment Such peace More often than not I could not be present Open myself to absorb And receive Because...

Your Words

June 11, 2016 Leave a Comment
The more I Go over your words The more they frighten me And the more disturbed I feel The more my body reacts In ways that leave me Feeling attacked and imprisoned Which propels me to Go over your words Again Wanting them to be Healthy and pure Searching for ways To make that possible ©2016 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article...


June 11, 2016 Leave a Comment
It is easier to fuck Than to feel To destroy Than to create To take drugs Than to dance in the street To get wasted Than to speak your mind You are bad In the socially sanctioned ways That make you feel good Instead of breaking rank altogether And following your soul To uncharted territories Where people will call you Mad Which is infinitely more frightening Than...

Hold the Complexity

June 7, 2016 Leave a Comment
Can you hold the complexity Of my love for you My rage at you And my forgiveness of you Healing is the constellation Of Truth With all its components And seeming contradictions Coexisting And interwoven Each part Honored And invited to Breathe ©2016 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission  

The Light that Heals My Soul

June 7, 2016 Leave a Comment
I am the warrior The healer Digging in Diving deep Willing to fight The monsters And demons To reach the heart You call me names Mistake me for Your projections Which attack me Drain me And distract me But I get up again And again Pick up my sword And advance Into the darkness To touch the Light That Heals my Soul ©2016 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved....


May 28, 2016 Leave a Comment
Betrayal On every front In every manifestation I cut off from The source of it all Start a life anew Without the poison of your mentality And you twist it all up Turn the tables Call me the perpetrator For refusing to be Your victim I rise above it all And you point to my transcendence As “evidence” That it wasn’t so bad after all That...

Under the Bus

May 28, 2016 Leave a Comment
You engage in a Self-imposed battle Of comparison to others Internatlizing their looks askance at you instead of rising above And you see anyone accomplished As a threat to who you are And resent their very Being Including that of your daughter Whom you throw under the bus Repeatedly In the name of championing Your other daughter Who then inherits and embraces The...


May 28, 2016 Leave a Comment
You had the ability The power To choose compassion And put in A few extra minutes Of your time To ensure my safety My survival But you chose instead To get into a Power struggle So outraged were you From the “burden” of Seeing and caring for your neighbor And I am left With my very life Hanging in the balance Not knowing If I’ll make it...


May 28, 2016 Leave a Comment
You have the means But not the consciousness To help me And I am left floundering In the turbulent waves Of the ocean Which have the power To drown me I focus on Keeping the faith As the storms hit And yet the despair Of the discrepancy Between what you can do And what you choose to do And the enormity Of the task before me Sometimes make the Life Force...


May 28, 2016 Leave a Comment
Stop trying To fix everything Just let it be broken And Breathe ©2016 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission  

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