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Reactivation of Dental Trauma

October 31, 2014 Leave a Comment
My recent visit to a new dentist, Dr. Lee, exemplified both the right and wrong ways to practice medicine. My visit began by filling out the standard intake form – identifying what medical conditions I have and have not experienced. Next the hygienist, Monica – a young woman with gentle energy and big brown eyes – ushered me into the dental chair and...

Cut the Cheese: Why this Dairy Glutton Suddenly Went Hard-Core Vegan

December 30, 2013 1 comment
This article was first published on the Dancing with Pain® blog, on April 17, 2011. Throughout my life, I was a dairy glutton. My idea of heaven was eating a fresh loaf of bread with a big hunk of cheese, then washing it down with a hot mocha latte. I voraciously consumed New York pizza, Greek salad, Italian gelato, and some of the more esoteric fare —...

You Are the Healer You Are Seeking

December 30, 2013 1 comment
This article was first published on the Dancing with Pain® blog, on October 6, 2013. I have had my fair share of trauma and health challenges, and life certainly has not played out the way I envisioned as a child. While illness and injury have put a damper on things, however, they also have, in their weird little way, provided opportunities for me to grow,...

Yes You Can Heal Yourself!

December 30, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was first published on the Dancing with Pain® blog, on October 31, 2013.  Conventional wisdom has it that when something goes wrong — I mean really wrong, like being in pain all day, every day — we need to pull out the big guns: costly MRIs, elaborate surgical procedures, and hi-tech pharmaceuticals. We need to outsource the solution,...

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