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Marketing for the Socially Conscious Set

January 14, 2016 Leave a Comment
Tad Hargrave, founder of Marketing for Hippies, specializes in helping activists and other socially conscious individuals learn how to market their products and services in ways that are in alignment with their souls. As an activist/educator-turned-publicist/marketing specialist myself, I have intimate knowledge of the queasiness one can feel about marketing,...

Writing a Book? Here’s My #1 Tip!

January 14, 2016 Leave a Comment
A number of you plan on writing a book, now or in the future, so I want to share with you the most important promotional tip for getting your book out there: Start promotion before your book is published, ideally six months prior. I typically get calls from people just after they have published a book, thinking that is when all the fun begins. The thing...

Become the Media

January 14, 2016 Leave a Comment
For those of you in the healthcare field, which is most of you who follow me, it is essential to facilitate a sense of trust for your work. While someone may try out a new pizza joint she saw advertised in the local paper, she’s unlikely to find her doctor or bodyworker by looking in a newspaper and clipping out an ad. So how do you get the word out there...

The Mixed Blessings of Being a Thought Leader

November 27, 2015 Leave a Comment
You have cutting-edge ideas to share with the world. From a marketing perspective, being ahead of the curve is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it gives you an edge, because you offer something fresh and unique that meets a currently-unmet need. On the other hand, people may not yet have a reference point or value for what you offer – meaning there may...

Get Your Blog On! The Important Role Blogging Plays in Business Development

December 30, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was first published in The Huffington Post, on December 27, 2013. I love social media. I relate to it as a giant party or never-ending conference, in which I get to meet countless awesome people in my areas if interest. Through Twitter, I recently became acquainted with Mandy McEwen, the founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing. I love the fresh,...

5 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

December 23, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was originally published in The Huffington Post, on December 17, 2013.  I recently became acquainted with online marketing strategist Shane Jones, after he left a comment on one of my previous posts. I read through his site with great interest and saw, from his own blog posts, that the man knows his stuff. We had a few conversations by phone,...

What Do You Do, and Who the Hell Cares?

December 15, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was first published in The Huffington Post on December 2, 2013. Any worthy marketing professional will emphasize the importance of establishing your brand, target audience, and message as the first step of getting your business off the ground. To ensure that you understand just what this triad of business basics is all about, I’m going...

1 Good Reason to Use a Blog for Content Overflow

December 15, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was first published in The Huffington Post on November 6, 2013. I work primarily with people in the health and wellness industry, a demographic that is keen on educating the universe about self-care strategies, regardless of whether someone becomes a client or not. The inclination is noble and touching and lovely and yada yada, but it has a...

8 Menu Items that Optimize Your Website

December 15, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was first published in The Huffington Post on November 5, 2013. One of the ways to optimize your website is by making it easy to navigate, so that people stay on it and engage with your content. Think of menu tabs on websites as labels on kitchen cabinets: When visitors walk into the kitchen, they want to know exactly where you keep the pots,...

2 Alternatives to Advertising: Get Published and Get Featured in Media

December 15, 2013 Leave a Comment
This article was first published in The Huffington Post on October 29, 2013. Advertising is expensive. First, there is the cost of the ad itself, which can run several hundred grand in top national media. Second, there is the cost of staying in the public eye. Even a full-page ad or minute-long TV spot is unlikely to generate much interest unless it is run...

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