Christmas In Your Face

by Loolwa Khazzoom • November 22, 2013 • Keeping It Raw

You shove Christmas
Down my throat
Year after year

All those stupid Santa songs
You force me to hear
You claim it’s not Christian
As your lame excuse

For making it public
For breaking all the rules

Of no preference of religion
In our diverse nation
So you can take my tax money
To put up decorations

That you call “holiday”
As if it’s all inclusive
Just a PR campaign
Giving you excuses

To make this a Christian nation
Despite the constitution
Providing freedom from
As well as freedom of religion

Then you deny it all
Say it’s a secular celebration
With Pagan roots
From the Nordic nations

Yes Christianity co-opted that
As part of religious conquest
Familiar images front and center
Encouraging natives to acquiesce

To the brutal takeover
Of religious cultures and traditions
Across the world and
Throughout the nations

So not only is Christmas Christian
It’s a reminder of the Inquisition
Of the genocide and imposition
Of the Christian spirit of one way

And it’s in my face every day

Not only in December
Because one month is not enough
To force the surrender
Of non-Christians among us

No it starts in October
Even before Halloween
Christmas trees Christmas music
Quite frankly it’s obscene

Three months to publicly celebrate
A holiday that’s one day
While Jews and Muslims can’t even get
One day off of work to pray

It’s a slap in the face
Not a celebration
Getting the pecking order in place
In this great and diverse nation

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