Classic Christmas Exchange

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 25, 2015 • Jewish Multicultural Corner
So…this happened. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the gist is that this guy – whom I do not know and who apparently put me on his mailing list, despite my having no idea who he is – just exemplified everything I wrote about in my article, “The Christmas Bulldozer,” which clearly he did not bother reading. If you care to comment on his post, you’ll find it on his Facebook page and his blog.
From: Graham Stoney
Subject: Merry Christmas Everyone!
Just wanted to get in early on the bandwagon and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend the day having fun with people you love, in a low-stress symptom-free way.
From: Loolwa Khazzoom
Subject: RE: Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hot tip: “Merry Christmas if you celebrate it” honors the tens of millions of Americans who do not celebrate Christmas, like me. My perspective on Christmas, if you are interested in understand more.
From: Graham Stoney
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas Everyone!
Even hotter tip: If someone sends you goodwill, and you don’t want to accept it, just hit delete!
Happy Hanukkah,
From: Loolwa Khazzoom
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hilarious! Your response is classic: 1) Hanukkah has been over for WEEKS, and furthermore, is entirely irrelevant to my critique of your “good wishes.” 2) True goodwill would incorporate the language I suggested below, in the interest of honoring those who do and do not celebrate Christmas. 3) A conscientious and compassionate individual would care that someone bothered to respond with honest communication, and would welcome the learning opportunity. 4) Your callous response further underscores Christian and Christo-secular entitlement – that you don’t have to self-reflect, so therefore, you won’t. Merry Christmas indeed. This exchange is a true reflection of the imperialistic spirit of Christianity in general and this holiday in particular. You have just reinforced and validated everything I wrote about in my article, which clearly you did not bother to read.

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  1. Raja J. Anderson
    Dec 26, 2015

    I was in a parking lot of a supermarket the other day, and saw a person parked in the handicap zone without a placard. As the people loaded groceries into a car, and I pointed out it was illegal for them to park there.

    The man said that the guard directed them to park there. I told them it was still illegal and could be a $880 fine.

    Rather than reply to my attempt to tell them what they were doing was wrong, the man said “Merry Christmas”

    I replied “I don’t believe in it” as I continued walking to my car.

    He then said “Happy Hanaka”. I replied “I don’t believe in that either”.

    As I got in my car he said something about Kwanzaa, but I could not hear him clearly.
    …Be Seeing You…Raja…

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