Dishing Out the Consequence: Dead Men Don’t Rape

by Loolwa Khazzoom • October 25, 2012 • Women and Grrrls

I just found out that there are a group of men in Chico, CA who are abducting and raping women and girls. There have apparently been ten incidents so far, since August. I also learned that Chico State University responded by instructing female students not to walk alone at night.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s those men who need to be run off the streets, not the women. The appropriate response of a sane society would be to immediately implement mandatory self-defense classes for all women and girls in the school system, and to offer these classes free of charge throughout the greater community.

In addition, fuck this California law allowing jewelers to carry guns but not women. Our bodies, souls, and lives are far more important than diamonds, gold, and rubies combined then multiplied by a hundred million bajillion, infinity times over. A sane society would arm women and girls to the teeth and instruct them to shoot point blank, bullet-through-the-eyes, take-no-prisoners style, anyone who would even think about considering the possibility of maybe perhaps grabbing them.

Women and girls need to take up arms and take back the streets. I am not playing. Rip off the stiletto heels that keep you on shaky ground, and hoist on a pair of combat boots. Accessorize with smooth black semi-automatic handguns on each side of your pants — which happen to have enough stretch for you to kick the bejesus out of an otherwise potential assailant. Because THIS. SHIT. NEEDS. TO. STOP. And women have the power to stop it. Yes we do.

In 1997 I wrote a book, Consequence: Beyond Resisting Rape. Not even the feminist press would touch it, because apparently women physically fighting for our space is apparently oh sooooo controversial; so I self-published. And it sold out instantly, through the riot grrrl underground movement of the 1990s.

I have about 10 books left, and the printing press deleted the original manuscript and artwork years ago. But even if I have to photocopy the damn thing and put some crap-ass copy online, I’m going to do it. Because between this Chico fiasco and that bass-ackwards Mourdock sanctifying rape as a holy act (seriously someone needs to shove a pole deep up his ass while shouting, “How do you feel about it now, fuckass?!”), it’s time to dish out the Consequence.

2 Responses to “Dishing Out the Consequence: Dead Men Don’t Rape”

  1. Clare Rosenfield
    Dec 09, 2012

    Have you heard of Futures Without Violence? it’s based in San Francisco and is a non-profit totally geared to ending violence toward girls and women. It used to be called Family Violence Prevention Fund. It takes out a NY Times ad on Father’s Day where men who stand up FOR women are listed (for a donation to the non-profit). They now have a huge area in the Presidio where they can have access to global outreach through their conferences, etc. Maybe check them out and send them your book.

  2. Camilla
    Apr 17, 2013

    I agree, it’s time to give the consequences to the bad behaved people.

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