In My Way

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 16, 2015 • Songs

You don’t do
Anything to me
But these things
Keep on happening

I see the crime
As it’s being committed
But there’s no criminal
As far as I can see

Something stinks
In paradise
When you gaze at me
With your sweet eyes

 I’ve got to wonder
What lies behind
Some kind of hate
Some kind of spite

You fight with me
But not against the war
As if we come from
Some even score

As if it’s just a matter
Of talking it out
When you don’t know
What the hell
You’re talking about

You’ve got to get the facts
About the things that you don’t see
The things that you don’t hear
What they just say to me

And to all the other feminists
That you love to frustrate
While we try to love you
Because you come off as so great

But what’s so great
When you sit on your ass
While all of us
Are being harassed

Just trying to get
Through life each day
If you’re not with the revolution
You’re in my way

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