As your public relations manager, I will provide you with the full spectrum of holistic media, holistic marketing, and holistic public relations services, with the end game of establishing or maintaining you as a recognized expert in your field. For each step of our work together, I will pay keen attention to the big picture of your road map, the tiny details of your game plan, the moving parts of each action step, and relationship between each piece – thus the term “holistic.” No matter where you are in your career – at the beginning stages of your business or simply looking to stay in the limelight – I have the skill and savvy to design, manage, and promote your career, successfully ushering you from “here” to “there.”

If you want to be featured in top media; if you want to collaborate with VIPs in your field; and if you want to speak at prestigious venues, I will make it happen. If you already have a rock-solid brand, message, and online presence, our work together may be limited to a targeted media and marketing campaign. If you are repositioning your business, however, or if you are launching a new business, our work together may involve the entire gamut of holistic media, holistic marketing, and holistic public relations services, as described below.

Foundation Development:
Through a comprehensive inventory and discovery process, I will offer strategic guidance on establishing your triad of business basics – namely, brand, target audience, and message. (To cut to the chase, we will establish what you do and who the hell cares!) From this base understanding, I will develop your road map and strategic action plan, offering both a bird’s eye view and a ground map of your career – providing you with clarity, focus, direction, and a sense of purpose.

Content Development and Optimization:
Drawing from your business foundation, I will develop your bio and press kit, as well as the content for your website. In some cases, I will edit content; in others, I will write from scratch. Either way, I will optimize website content for search engines, visitors, and media, working collaboratively with your website designer of choice or with one from my professional network. In addition, I will design or redesign the organization of your website, to ensure navigation ease.

Social Media Campaign Management:
Once you have a solid online presence, I either will launch or strengthen your social media campaign: I will establish your accounts and business pages; write content for each of your social media sites; identify social media sites of target individuals and communities; develop strategic relationships with these individuals and communities; engage in conversation with your social media followers; increase your followers by leveraging your multimedia products and services; and guide you on how to keep the momentum going with minimal effort.

Blog Management:
Utilizing your website and social media accounts, I will help you develop blog content, or I myself will develop content, for blog posts that serve multiple purposes – namely, establish your voice; demonstrate your expertise; increase the ranking of your website; increase your social media followers; establish strategic relationships with VIPs in your field; establish you as a blogger for a top media outlet; and otherwise generate media interest.

Platform Development
Drawing from all your accomplishments to date, I will guide you in developing products and creating events that are designed to generate media interest; developing live and multimedia presentations that are designed to raise your profile; booking speaking engagements at prestigious venues, to increase your status; and further establishing relationships with VIPs in your field, to enhance your credibility.

Traditional Media Campaign
Serving as your agent, I will represent you to editors and producers at top media outlets – writing a professional press release showcasing your work; pitching editors and producers with a phone call, email, and/or personal visit; and securing clips for posting on your website.

Book Development
I will help you write and/or edit your own book – fleshing out your concept, developing your content, outlining a marketing plan, writing a book proposal, and identifying and pitching target literary agents. In addition, if you are interested in self-publishing, I will refer you to a recommended book publisher, or I will help you evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of your book publisher of choice.

General Writing and Editing
Throughout our work together, I will offer you support for any of your writing and editing needs. From brochures to presentations to essays to grant proposals, I will make your writing sing.

In summary, I am the one-stop-shop for your holistic media, holistic marketing, and holistic public relations needs. Depending on where you are in your career, I will wear any number of hats in my work with you: I will be your career strategist, publicist, writer, editor, coach, marketing specialist, event organizer, agent, and/or manager, as well as your personal cheerleader, task master, hand-holder, and friend.

Whatever your end game, I will trace the steps from where you are now to where you want to be, lay out the road map from “here” to “there,” and provide you with any number of services along the way. Sometimes I will do all the work myself; sometimes I will work in partnership with you; and sometimes I will guide you on each step of the process, then send you off to do the work yourself.

To find out more about how I can support you in reaching your goals, contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

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Loolwa KhazzoomLoolwa Khazzoom has worked with leading media outlets, including The New York Times, CNN, Rolling Stone, and ABC News. In addition, she has published two books and has lectured at prestigious venues including Barnard Center for Research on Women, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Harvard University. Loolwa is passionate about health, music, dance, multiculturalism, and Judaism.

Holistic Media, Marketing, PR

Loolwa Khazzoom is a a public relations manager specializing in holistic media, holistic marketing, holistic public relations, and holistic promotions. Her services include branding and messaging development, image and communications management, website content development and optimization, social media management, traditional media campaign management, book development, and in-house writing and editing.

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