These Constant Battles

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 16, 2015 • Songs

I’m so tired of
These constant battles
Day in day out

It’s the drivers
Who can’t be bothered
To stop for a pedestrian
Or who stop then start again
When you’re still in front of their car

It’s the men who take up all the space
On the sidewalk
And refuse to budge
Because you’re a woman
So they expect you to move

I’m so tired of
These constant battles
Day in day out

These tiny little ways
All day every day
That people step on you
If you don’t fight them
But I don’t want to be
Fighting all the time

It’s the neighbor
Who can’t be bothered
To let you know he’s going to jack hammer
The concrete right next to your house

It’s the family that can’t help doing
The invasive behaviors
That make you crazy
And that you’ve asked them
Not to do
Time and again

I’m so tired of
These constant battles
Day in day out

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