Truth is All I Have

by Loolwa Khazzoom • October 13, 2010 • Family Secrets

Truth is all I have. All I know to do is tell my story. I have always believed that truth is my greatest ally, my compass. If I follow it, it will take me to extraordinary realms I did not even know exist. I had to ride it, trust it, move with it.

But what happens when the truth not only sets you free but also breaks your heart. When telling your story saves you from self-destruction while destroying people you love – people who have carefully constructed a distorted self-image and spent their lives ensuring that those around reflect their looking glass.

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  1. PWC
    Oct 15, 2010

    “When telling your story saves you from self-destruction while destroying people you love “

    How do you know it would destroy them? It might not destroy them, it might simply make them pissed off. In which case: not your problem.

    I suppose if they’ve spent their time and energy making “carefully constructed” self-images, then they’re used to feeling threatened by people who don’t give them feedback consistent with their self-image. I don’t think anyone can cocoon themselves 100% with those who reflect back to them what they want.

    So, if you disagreed with their version/spin, you’d simply be one more person on their shit list.

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